Elisabeth Maille

Artist & Therapist



Member of Resonance Academy: Science & Spirituality

Healer & Aura Mediator: Aura Transformation

Workshops, webinar & trainings: La méthode EaZy Painting

Hypnotherapist: Institut International d’Hypnose Spirituelle

Exhibitions in Paris & Monaco, Custom orders.

Member of AIAP-Unesco, Monaco


Born in Paris, France

Speak French English & Portuguese


High school diploma in Philosophy & Mathematics


Preparatory Workshop Lecomte, Paris, France


Graduate School of Advertising Art and Environment ATEP, Paris, France


Advertising Sets, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Decorativ Painter at Grand Illusion Decorativ Painting, New York, USA

Assistant teacher for professionals Decorativ Painters at Pierre Finkelstein Institute, New York, USA


Travel initiation in South East Asia, essential part of my inspiration.


Elaborating my own pictural expression and philosophy.

Custom orders.


Founded EaZy Painting Method of artistic expression – Thought Provoking Art of Energy, Monaco Workshops & trainings: www.eazypainting.com


Work as an independent artist in Monaco


Exhibitions and Art Fair: Monaco, Belgium, Spain, Brazil

PRICE at Salon d’Automne 2013 – Paris, France


Exhibitions in Monaco, Japan, Russia, Germany

Member Art’Ochtones, Monaco




While trekking and meditating on the top of the world « being nude deep inside and trying to reach the flow of my soul, my own life started there and I built up my artistic identity from there ».

Since 2005 Elisabeth lives and works in Monaco where she created a method of artistic expression and personal improvement: the “EaZypainting”, based on oriental philosophies to experience the freedom of spontaneity.

Elisabeth expresses emotions and humanity. She is inspired by Pierre Soulages and Fabienne Verdier: « both of their art touch the essence of creation and amaze me ». Beyond her work, she studies, reads and learns about physics, philosophy and esoterism seeking for theories that could always improve her consciousness.

She incorporates a vast knowledge of technics from ancient recipes of the great masters to her own mixture. This is done by setting up her place of work as a ritual almost religious. She explains that «what predominates in my work is the spontaneous gesture, a free flow and the first print of energy. Before starting a painting I work on its choreography , I visualize the texture on all details until I feel it fully, then I allow me to paint a melody of pictorial energy» . She explores the vibration of colors, she makes our eyes dancing into the waves of arabesques and circles, offering a journey of ourselves within the cosmos.

In her paintings, Elisabeth evokes the essence of life, she translates plenitude emotions into lyrical landscapes.

As she says « at the end I try to reach your heart » and that’s the reason why her art is appreciated by the international art market.


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